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Off-Loading Technologies, Inc.

Off-Loading Technologies, Inc. grew from the separate but inter-related professional interests of Mike Dyevich, Bok Y. Lee, M.D., and Glenn Butler.

Each man has long been involved in various aspects of the medical field prior to their collaboration and business partnership. Mr. Dyevich has specialized in the development, sales and marketing of advanced wound-care dressings and therapeutic support surfaces for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries leading to pressure ulcers; Dr. Lee is a distinguished, internationally recognized vascular surgeon with over 200 published scientific papers and 9 books to his credit; Glenn Butler is the founder and CEO of the Life Support Technologies group (LSTg), a conglomerate specializing in advanced wound care, hyperbaric medicine and life-safety engineering.

Encouraged by Dr. Lee’s motivation to quantify – and improve upon — the performance of support surfaces for prevention or resolution of pressure injury leading to pressure ulcers, Mr. Dyevich and Glenn Butler saw the mutual advantage of formalizing their collaboration. Dr. Lee’s subsequent research employed the novel approach of non-invasively measuring the subcutaneous oxygen saturation in deep muscle tissue; this lead to the development of Oxygen Saturation Technology (OST). OST measures and compares real time interface pressure and subcutaneous oxygen saturation levels in anatomical areas at greatest risk of the development of pressure injury leading to pressure ulcers when a person rests on a support surface. Ultimately, the development of OST lead to the creation of the OXY–MAT, a superior support surface that is scientifically proven to help reduce or eliminate pressure injury leading to pressure ulcers in medical patients, including those at highest risk.

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A commitment to quality and innovative products offering patients in need, and care givers, superior outcomes through science.

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