After they explained the science to our medical team, our facility switched to Oxy-Mat mattresses. The results were nothing short of astonishing – our patients and residents like the new mattresses.

Simon B.
Riverdale, NY

Switching to Oxy-Mat products has saved our facility a substantial amount of health care dollars, without compromising patient care or comfort. There is no reason to use the more expensive alternating pressure or low air loss mattresses – we are going to stay with Oxy-Mat!

Hector G.
Houston, TX

Lower cost for our center, and better rest for our patients – the results are a win/win situation all around with Oxy-Mat!

Brenda S.
Pocono Mountain, PA

Now, when I visit Mom in her nursing home, her room is quiet – no more compressors buzzing, and she sleeps so much better. Mom is at risk for pressure ulcers, but with her Oxy-Mat mattress, we have seen absolutely no skin breakdown. We actually thanked the nursing home for being forward thinking.

Julia S.
Lafayette, LA

The positive comments we received from our patients regarding Oxy-Mat were enough to convince us to move away from alternating mattresses entirely. Now we are experiencing lower maintenance cost, we saw a drop in our electric bill, and our cleaning crew has fewer things to disinfect. We are more than happy with the Oxy-Mat mattresses!

Bruce C.
Hackettstown, NJ
I tried every mattress the hospital had – all the brand names – (6 count ’em 6) and yet I could not achieve one moments respite from the pain I was in having just come down from ICU after losing approximately 46% of my total weight/body mass. All my fat, muscle, even skin tissue and a lot of the body’s lubricant’s were lost due to the heavy duty treatments required to save me from an extremely traumatic near death experience. I was in agony. It took a week to go through all six of the mattresses on hand. I still could not sleep. I actually complained that that most of these beds felt like torture to me as, instead of being a place to at least rest, their constant motion put pressure on all my “Trigger Points of Pain” thusly increasing the pain I was in while sitting up. That’s right some of the beds actually increased my pain… instead of relieving it.
Then I was placed on the Oxy-Mat. The moment I felt the mattress I knew I was in for a treat and I was right. That night was the first night I slept in well over a week – the entire time I had been on other beds since my release to the SCI Unit from ICU in an emaciated state. That night, was the moment my recovery began… thanks to the rest and recuperation from the comfort provided to my body by the Oxy-Mat mattress.
Bottom Line:  I continue to rest and recuperate, every evening, on my own Oxy-Mat mattress. There is no comparison to any other mattress.  This one is a pure joy to sleep on. (… or should that be ‘in’, instead of on? As I like to get IN bed, ’cause your Oxy-Mat sooths me, and manages somehow, to take all the kinks out of every day.  Even Better when in Pain.)

Justin Craig
Patient - Bronx VA Medical Center - Spinal Cord Unit

Thank you very much for all your help with the OXY-MAT mattress. Jane and I have been so impressed with all your compassion and caring in our search for the best mattress I have ever slept on in my life. Your professionalism, communication and commitment is nothing less than top notch. We really appreciate you and thank you for solving one of my worse nightmares as a paraplegic of getting pressure ulcers.

I have tried many other powered therapeutic support surfaces throughout my hospital stays over the past 5 years and never had one been so effective and comfortable like the OXY-MAT. While at Magee Rehab in Philadelphia I was introduced to the OXY-MAT recovering from post op skin flap repair. I was initially on the Clinitron bed in my recovery from surgery that I found to be extremely uncomfortable. The wound care nurse recommended I try the OXY-MAT to continue my recovery and healing and the moment I lie on the OXY-MAT it was a whole new world. I continued to heal and most importantly enjoyed restorative sleep with the OXY-MAT mattress which does not require noisy blower motors thus eliminating the noise, vibration and interruption of deep sleep .

Having an OXY-MAT at my home allows me to not only solve my pressure ulcer problem but to continue to enjoy a full night’s rest.

I will definitely recommend to all my friends with skin issues to purchase an OXY-MAT. It has changed my life and I know it will change theirs.

Phil McGrath
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